Update on Gus


The big guy has physically come on very well, his strength has improved and is able to lift his back paws fairly well and rarely losing his balance now. The weight gain is continuing to improve. Now to his mindset, this is a difficult one as his cognitive process is quite displaced and more than likely will never improve his attitude. With commands can be laboured at times and has shown to be non understanding of what is asked from him. We at GSRRR are coming to the acceptance that Gus will remain with us as with another few up at the rescue. With Gus its a pleasure to serve him and take care of him this boy like so many are discarded and thrown to the side as he and so so many others are no longer of use to the trade of financial gain. The slavery of this breed and so many sickens us to the core. In the animal kingdom they do not exploit or use or enslave and breed for trading with gain of financial exploitation I and all who are involved with GSRRR will continue to be the caretakers of all who come to us.


Gus’ ears have been severely damaged on more than one occasion.

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Gus, 18/02/2017 – He had to be completely shaved as his fur was so matted nothing else could be done. He was extremely underweight and had so little muscle mass he had difficulty moving his back legs and keeping his balance.


Gus – 6kg heavier, 10/03/2017


14/03/2017 – Meeting Kimba. A bit unsure.


Gus 23/03/2017 – Fur is growing back well and he’s continuing to put on weight. He is now much steadier in the back legs and isn’t falling over as much.