The big lad is still doing well. His fur is continuing to grow back at a great rate and we’re hoping his coat will start to really begin to fill out in the next month or so. He’s currently on a course of antibiotics and steroids for his ears, but they’re soon coming to an end and his infections seem to be clearing up rightly.


Gus is clearly continuing to put on the beef. While we haven’t weighed him this week, he seems to have gained another kg or so.


We’ve also continued slowly introducing him to some of our resident females. He seems mannerly enough with them but at the moment, he isn’t overly fussed either way. The majority of his interest is still zoomed in on people and food, but we’re hoping as he continues to feel better that he’ll become a bit more curious about his own kind.

17505329_1207333689364414_8680463439359391800_o (1).jpg

As the weather has been lovely recently, we’ve taken his coats off and he’s spent the majority of his days lounging, following the sun around the medical centre. Attempts at play however are still on-going as he sadly appears to have zero interest in, or has no idea what to do, when it comes to playing with a ball.