Gus-pdate 06/04/17


So, Gus has had a busy week since our last update. Physically, he’s coming on leaps and bounds. We’d say he’s pretty much back up to his proper weight now with the 10kg or so he’s gained since being in our care. Mentally and behaviourally, we’ve been taking things slowly with him as we’re not too sure for just how long he was completely void of any type of mental stimulation. Given our initial assessment on Gramps however, it had been quite a while since he had received any.


We’ve continued integrating him with the rest of the family. He’s doing well, albeit a bit unsure at times. On occasion he appears to get a bit overwhelmed with all the company, so we take a break at that point at let Gus retire back to his quarters.


In all seriousness, we don’t think he’ll ever figure out what to make of Beau. We’re pretty sure Beau doesn’t know what to make of Beau either.

Big news this week is that Gus got to go out into the field! We kept him on a lunge lead for the process as we weren’t too sure with how he would react in such a wide open space. Honestly though, we don’t even think he noticed the space as he spent the majority of the excursion with his face down in the grass, so we were happy to let him sniff his way from one length of the field to another. Seeing the grass seemed to make him very happy – we’ll let you take what you want from that one.


Gus finally appears to be taking an interest in toys over the past few days. This could be due to a few things e.g. seeing other dogs playing with the toys or that he’s beginning to feel a bit more settled in his head. Generally we find that in cases like this, play is one of the last things to come back, so his interest in any kind of toy is a good one.


Considering our last article on breeding and genetics, the more we get Gus out with the guys, the more apparent the angulation in his back is becoming. We’ve had similar lines of Shepherds in before with this extreme roaching, we even currently have a few in that are halfway between a full roach and a straight back, but Gus’ physical shape is just so odd looking when you see him beside the rest of the dogs and he’s one of the more severe examples we’ve seen of this (personally, mind-boggling) breeding style.


Sadly, like the shape of his back, nothing can ever be done for Gus’ ears either. We’re not too sure how this injury (or injuries) happened, but whatever went on it was pretty brutal.


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