GSRRR is a non-funded, non-registered German Shepherd rescue that is based in Northern Ireland. While we are a breed specific rescue, we strive for the welfare of all dogs and our aim is to educate, rehabilitate and offer a helping hand to those in need. The purpose of this page is to highlight examples of the welfare crisis that is going on within the country. Far too many dogs are finding their way into council pounds or are being removed or rescued from situations of extreme cruelty, abuse or neglect.


Saul and Xena. Both rescued from a council pound at six weeks old.

We are run on an entirely voluntary basis. We are not a registered charity and we receive no government funding. We have no employees, receive no wages, charge no adoption fees or ask for set donations. Any money we do receive either goes directly to our vets or is used to maintain our premises. We rely solely on the generosity of the public in order to aid us in what we do (if you’d like to see how you can help, please check out the relevant page).


We take in dogs both from council pounds and owner surrenders. We also work with various local councils to help rehabilitate dogs that have been involved in cases of severe neglect or cruelty.

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We are what is known as a “closed” rescue. We are not open to the public and work by appointment only. Our dogs are not individually kennelled and are housed together as a pack. They get pretty much free run of our site, but Shepherds being Shepherds, they generally don’t want to wander too far from their people so you’ll usually find them lounging around in the yard.


Or in some cases… horsing around

As well as sleeping together, they eat together and they run together. We find that letting our dogs form strong, and safe, bonds with each-other has one of the most important, if not the most important, impact on their psychological well-being.


Any dog that comes through our gates is given whatever time he or she may need in order to recover from any of their experiences. We are in no rush to re-home any of our dogs. Some have stayed with us for only a day, others for weeks and others for years. Some will spend the rest of their days with us at the kennels as we have a strict no-kill policy when it comes to behavioural issues. We believe that when the time is right, each dog will find their right home, even if that home is ultimately with us. Our re-homing process can take a long time and is strictly based on the needs and the welfare of the dog(s) involved.


Crash, one of our “lifers.”

At GSRRR we work on a system based entirely on trust, both in our relationships with our dogs and with each-other. If you ever come to visit us, you will see a few regular faces, both canine and human. We call ourselves a therapeutic community and each individual you will see at the kennels is generally not only there for the dogs, but for themselves.


We also have a few regular faces of the avian type.

Most of us involved with the GSRRR project have suffered, or are suffering from some kind of mental health issue, physical health issue or stressful experience. We work closely with individuals who are suffering from various kinds of traumas, addictions, mood disorders or displacements. The rescue is what Ray calls a tool-box. It is a coping mechanism and a necessity for the mental well-being of many who come through its gates.

While our priority may be the needs of the dogs that come into our care, we find that a place of respect, care and understanding amongst each-other is paramount in enabling us to do the work that we do. We strive ourselves in creating a place of safety for those, canine or otherwise, who may find life outside of the rescue one of extreme difficulty.


If you would like any more information about what we do, or would like to help our cause, please see the relevant headers on this website or contact us through our Facebook.