Welfare Cases

This is where you can read up on some of our more difficult cases. While every dog that comes through our gates deserves and could easily get their own page, the dogs mentioned here are some of our more extreme examples of what dogs have gone through and are going through every day. Please click on each link to read more about each individual dog.


Dougal came to GSRRR in July 2015. He was about three years old, but looked markedly older. He was rescued after a neighbour of his owner convinced him to hand Dougal over as he was clearly not meeting the dogs needs. The neighbour had been feeding Dougal through the fence and had once paid for … Continue reading Dougal

The Five Oldies

The five oldies, as they are collectively known, were five elderly German Shepherds that were seized from a hoarding situation. The owner, who had previously managed to taken reasonable care of the dogs, had sadly had a stroke and was left unable to care for the dogs for a considerable period of time. Sadly, due … Continue reading The Five Oldies


Bella came to us in February of 2014 after being found abandoned in North County Dublin. We think she was around one to two years old and she was incredibly underweight, weighing only 17kg. Bella very quickly went downhill after arriving to us and was rushed to the vets for immediate re-hydration and to find … Continue reading Bella


Mollie came to GSRRR in 2013 after being offered as free to good home on a buy and sell site. It was soon discovered that she was having issues with her back legs and was taken to Glenn Veterinary Clinic for Xray. It was found that Mollie had an extremely severe case of Hip Dysplasia. … Continue reading Mollie


Ronin came to the rescue from Armagh pound in 2013 and it soon became apparent that whatever life he had had before he came to us, it had left him with an embedded chain in his neck. This sadly was not the first and we are sure it will not be the last time we … Continue reading Ronin


In March 2016, a vigilant member of the public made a complaint to Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council expressing a concern about the welfare of two German Shepherd Dogs. The dogs were owned by Jennifer Wilson of Churchill Park in Portadown and what Animal Welfare found was nothing short of horrific.  Upon investigation of the … Continue reading Shadow


In 2015, thanks to a combined effort by a local council pound and animal welfare, Lillie found her way to GSRRR. Nine months prior to arriving with us, she and her partner had been rescued from deplorable conditions, both having been locked in a trailer for over a year. Unfortunately, both dogs had suffered such … Continue reading Lillie


Maddie was heavily pregnant and severely underweight when she came to us from Ashton pound in September 2016. She was taken straight to the vets to be scanned and the advice was given that she was at an advanced stage of pregnancy but most likely had a week or so to settle before giving birth. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Maddie


Mac came to GSRRR in October 2014. After he was rescued in June of the same year from the flat in which he had been abandoned, he spent the next four months in council facilities before we were contacted asking if we had a space for him. When Mac arrived to us, he was in … Continue reading Mac


Luna first presented to us in April of 2017. Her owner was having difficulties in controlling her behaviour and had prior been in contact with vets, behaviourists, trainers and people with an interest in the Malinois breed. What can happen quite often with dogs that are having severe behavioural difficulties is that the owner finds … Continue reading Luna