Dougal came to GSRRR in July 2015. He was about three years old, but looked markedly older. He was rescued after a neighbour of his owner convinced him to hand Dougal over as he was clearly not meeting the dogs needs. The neighbour had been feeding Dougal through the fence and had once paid for veterinary services.

When Dougal came to us, he was extremely underweight, covered in sores and had absolutely no muscle mass.

Dougal before his rescue
Dougal in the vets shortly after his rescue
Dougal at the rescue.

During his time with us, his physical health improved. Joint disorders and spondylosis, most likely caused by inbreeding, were initially under control by medication but unfortunately in October of the same year, he was diagnosed with Von Willebrands Disease.  Von Willebrands is a form of haemophilia which results in an inability for the blood to clot properly when bleeding begins. This meant that he could not continue on the anti inflammatory medication which kept him pain-free as the risk of a life-endangering stomach ulcer was too great. Due to this, and after extremely difficult, and painful, deliberation, we felt that his quality of life would have been nil, so  the decision was made to help him cross over to the rainbow bridge.


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