Our Lifers

Our Lifers are dogs that for various reasons, will never be re-homed and will spend their remaining days at the rescue with us.


Crash Bandicoot, the Ginger Ninja. Chaos incarnate. Nemesis of all bikers who dare to tread, the living bane of all law enforcement…. and the GSRRR mascot. Crash came to us in 2012 after he was rescued by Assisi Animal Sanctuary. Soon after this rescue, his reign of terror began. This dog had time for no man, no … Continue reading Crash


Buddy appeared on a buy and sell site in December 2012 and welfare concerns were very quickly raised due his appearance in the given photos. On the 24rd December Buddy’s safety was secured. However he had a large infected wound on his neck caused by an embedded chain and was quickly rushed to GVC for treatment. … Continue reading Buddy


Bear, another one of our superstars. Also known as Baby Bear, Queen Latifa, Queen Bear, Moon Bear…. I could go on and on and on here. There is no singular name that encompasses all that is Bear.  The She-Bear came to the rescue in 2013. She was approximately two years old and was an absolutely … Continue reading Bear


Line up, line up. It’s everybody’s favourite gentleman and unfortunately for everybody; Milo is not available for re-homing. So, while your queue is pretty long and fairly organised, this exceptional piece of hairy beast isn’t going anywhere. Way back in 2012, at the age of nine months, Milo found himself surrendered to GSRRR. He was … Continue reading Milo


Saxon graced the fields of GSRRR for the first time way back in 2014. Saxon had been found living all by his lonesome outside an empty property in Southern Ireland. Liam O’Hanlon came across him while working on the property and befriended him. When his work in the area was at an end, he didn’t leave … Continue reading Saxon