Crash Bandicoot, the Ginger Ninja. Chaos incarnate. Nemesis of all bikers who dare to tread, the living bane of all law enforcement…. and the GSRRR mascot.

559017_349673275130464_848611376_nCrash came to us in 2012 after he was rescued by Assisi Animal Sanctuary. Soon after this rescue, his reign of terror began. This dog had time for no man, no woman and the only rules he followed were his own. Understandably, this left Assisi in a bit of a predicament and they weren’t too sure what to do with such an incomparable soul.

As we at GSRRR are well versed in dealing with those more unique, both human and dogs, it was decided that Crash should come to us for a bit of rest and relaxation. Plans were made, backup was put on standby and the entirety of the country was put on lock-down. Crash was coming.


It soon became apparent that if there was an ASBO for dogs, it would have been created just for Crash. His temperament however, was very predictable. Predictable in the sense that he was a raging maniac 99% of the time.


Unfortunately for Crash, he had never received proper socialisation and had been abandoned in a flat before he was eventually rescued. As we see time and time again, abandonment, cruelty, lack of proper socialisation and neglect can have severe and long-lasting effects upon the psychology of a dog.

Some dogs who have been through trauma become overly submissive and shy. Others, like Crash, become aggressive and are much more prone to bite. This was almost a death sentence for Crash, but thankfully he was given a chance with us and with careful management and the blessing of time, he has become much less erratic in his behaviour.


These days he could be classed as “aggressively affectionate.”

Crash can usually be found charging around the fields or in the back of Ray’s land-rover. He’s a bit of a lone wolf, often times preferring to do his own thing. He has his own personal living quarters at the kennels, which includes a large run and a fully insulated kennel (it even has a window and curtains).

We pair Crash up with some of our younger dogs on occasion. He loves to play and has bonded very closely with some of our past residents.


Crash and Sarge

Crash is also incredibly accident prone, but we’re finding that as he gets older he’s much more inclined to look where he’s going.

Over the past five years, we have found that Crash is very beauty conscious. If you ask him what his regime is for keeping his coat so glossy he’ll be more than happy to tell you that his secret is mud. Lots….

980309_433214970109627_897403697_o.jpg and lots….

1064115_448781121886345_1686671863_o.jpgof mud….


Crash is a dog in a million and is a firm favourite of everyone who meets him. He is a very special character and is living proof that any dog can be helped given the right rehabilitation and the time that they need.


Crash and his Auntie Ruth

However, due to his unpredictable nature, Crash will never be re-homed. He is one of the dogs that will stay with us forever and will continue to receive all of the freedom and the safety that a dog like him requires.


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