Gus-pdate 29/03/17


Gus met a few more of the residents at the mad-house today. Contrary to what his face may be telling you in the above photograph, he actually seemed to enjoy the company.


He showed a good bit more interest in other dogs than he has done on prior introductions. We even introduced him to two of our young males and while he tolerated them, he still appears to be very much a ladies man.


Don’t let her pretty face fool you Gus.


Chief always manages to find a ball. It doesn’t matter where he is. One will always appear.

Grampa Gus now also has enough fur on his back to partake in the grooming appointments that are readily available at GSRRR, and oh boy does he like a brush.



Making sure we get his best side.

What’s even better that his coat is beginning to act naturally and that he’s beginning to shed. As bizarre as referring to Shepherd shedding as good news is, this means that his coat is soon going to cycle back into the condition that it should be. Gus had to be completely shaved after animal welfare removed him from his abuser as his fur was completely matted and he had been left to lie in his own dirt. There was no other option for it.


One tiny bundle of Shepherd.

Malnutrition and being completely shaved down like this generally doesn’t do great things for the fur, so any kind of natural mechanism after this kind of trauma is a wonderful sign. We’re hoping that in the next few weeks his coat will really start to grow back in and if the weather gets a wee bit warmer, we’ll be able to get him into the shower and give him a proper pamper.


You may have seen a new face on our Facebook last night. Well, we’re now pleased to introduce this lovely little lady to you.


This is Keira and she has been with us for a little over three weeks. Keira came to us from Newry and unfortunately, she did not come alone.


Yep, thats a puppy.

Thanks, once again to human ingenuity, consideration and care; Keira found herself heavily pregnant and in a council pound. She was rescued from the pound on the Friday 3rd March and gave birth on the Saturday. She then came to us on the Monday.

Keira gave bith to ten puppies altogether, but only five of them remain. Two died in the first 24 hours, the other three within the next two weeks.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-27 at 16.37.49.jpeg

Keira herself was also incredibly underweight, hadn’t seen a brush in years and was also suffering from a nasty case of rope burn. Obviously she had been tethered for a long period of time and had been fighting against the rope in order to gain such a nasty injury.


In this photo, while healed slightly, you can still see the damage that the rope has done to her fur and her skin.

Understandably, after our experience with Maddie, our prognosis for all of these little dudes has been heavily guarded. A council pound is no place for an expectant bitch, physically or mentally.

We have yet to scan Keira for a microchip. We imagine that if she is chipped, it will still be in her breeders name. Usually we find that, in cases like this, microchip details aren’t exactly a priority. Unfortunately while it is the law to have your dog microchipped, keeping it updated is not – we’re sure we’re not the only ones who see the problem with this.

All in all, well done to the people who’s initial actions and lack of consideration have led up to this lovely lady ending up in the pound.

On a less cynical note, thank you to Assisi for sending this wee one and her babies our way. While the death of the first five has been an awful blow, we now have high hopes for the remaining few.

All of these puppies are booked as we have a very long waiting list. We have a few adult dogs in need of homes however, so please check our Facebook.